Arugula-Avocado Salad w/ “Out Of This World” Tangy-Sweet Vinaigrette

Food blogger Jennifer Farley has a strong opinion about bottled dressings. “There is absolutely no reason to ever purchase a bottled salad dressing,” she declares. “They’re usually full of weird ingredients that aren’t part of a healthy diet.” Farley notes that all you need to make your own dressing is a blender or “just a … Read more

A Quinoa, Apricot and Arugula Salad With A Moroccan Kick

Among blogger Jeanine Donofrio’s favorite salad ingredients: quinoa, chickpeas, almonds, avocados and dried fruit – along with fresh lemon juice, honey, and cumin. Her quinoa, apricot and arugula salad, featured here, have them all! (Click here to see featured recipe.) “I’ll never get tired of salads with arugula, avocado and quinoa,” she notes in her … Read more

Make Your Own Salads & Dressings – Starting With Spicy Grain Salad

Ever read the ingredients on a salad dressing bottle from the grocery store? Look at the label and you might find xantham gum, calcium disodium EDTA, artificial flavors – or even partially hydrogenated oils known as trans fats. In other words, different chemicals and gums. It’s why we make our own dressings – and why … Read more


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