Quick & Easy Veggie Recipe: African Squash & Chickpea Stew

We’ve been sticking with our New Year’s resolution of putting one or more vegetarian meals on the dinner table every week. That’s because of the research showing the benefits of a plant-based diet. This spicey vegetarian stew meshes squarely with our regimen. (Click hear to see featured recipe.) It’s an African squash stew loaded with healthy ingredients: … Read more

Moroccan Squash Tagine w/ Garbanzos & Couscous

Tagine is one of those culinary words with a double meaning. (Tian is a similar case in point.) Tagine, for starters, refers to a hearty stew that’s a mainstay of Moroccan cooking. There’s also the covered pot, or tagine, you use to cook the stew. Fortunately, you don’t have to cook your tagine in a … Read more

What to Do w/ Tomatoes, Corn, Zukes? Make Veggie Stew

You may be asking: How can I use the tomatoes, corn, zucchini, and other summer vegetables available at the farmer’s market or in my backyard plot? Here’s one solution:  Make a vegetarian stew. “Although stews are typically winter fare, this old-fashioned combination of fresh vegetables is a light and healthy entrée or side dish,” says … Read more


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