What To Do With All Your Summer Produce

Is your summer garden producing more green beans than you can keep up with? Were those farmers market tomatoes too gorgeous to pass up? Many of us find ourselves with a surplus of summer produce in these months of abundant fresh fruits and vegetables. Instead of letting them go to waste, try these three recipes … Read more

“Too Much Zucchini? This is a Problem?” – Pair It With Pasta!

“Too much zucchini? This is a problem.” We chuckled when we read that in the New York Times food section. Around here we’ve been grilling zucchini, putting it in frittatas and salads, and using it to make a  fabulous chocolate and zucchini cake with our Everyday Fresh oil. Here’s a new dish we need to … Read more

Fresh Zucchini Salad with Tomatoes and Basil

How did a Salt Lake City elementary school teacher become an enormously popular food blogger? Kalyn Denny took to the blogosphere to write about the excellent recipes that allowed her to lose more than 40 pounds.  Her blog, Kalyn’s Kitchen, attracts thousands of readers. Denny’s recipes taste good and are good for you. She’s a … Read more


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