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“Tattooed” Potatoes that “Everyone Loves” – Plus They Look Amazing!

Sometimes the best dishes are the easiest to make … like the “tattooed” potatoes featured here. We began preparing these several years ago, after a relative gave us a book devoted to extra virgin olive oil. The potatoes were a hit – both for their taste, and for their amazing appearance. (Click here to see the featured recipe.) “This is one of those dishes that everyone loves and wants to know how to make. It is simple and enormously appealing,” Peggy Knickerbocker writes in her book Olive Oil: From Tree to Table (Chronicle Books, 2007).

Knickerbocker says the use of extra virgin olive oil in this recipe – versus, say, butter – “makes these potatoes remarkable.” You could use any of our oils, including our Everyday Fresh and Miller’s Blend oils.

The potatoes are first cut in half lengthwise and then combined in a glass baking dish with  olive oil, salt and pepper. You then place a rosemary or parsley sprig on the cut side of each potato half and place the cut side down in the oil. The potatoes are roasted in a 400 degree Fahrenheit oven for 40-45 minutes until nicely browned. (Click here to see the  recipe.)

Knickerbocker says a glass baking dish makes it easier to check for doneness: You carefully hold the dish overhead and check if the “tattooed” sides of the potatoes are brown. You can use a metal pan, too, but it won’t be as easy to test for doneness.

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