To Get Your Veggies, a Corn Salad that Can Be a Soup

We did a double-take while reading an article this week noting the baby-carrot industry was repositioning its product as junk food thanks to a new $25 million campaign. “Eat ‘Em Like Junk Food,” the promo declares. The goal: Get Americans to eat more vegetables.

The campaign dovetails with a federal study detailing that only 26% of American adults eat vegetables at least three times a day.

“There is nothing you can say that will get people to eat more veggies,” Harry Balzer, the chief industry analyst for the NPD Group, a market research company, told The New York Times.

It would certainly help if we had more people like Tony Polito advising peoples how to prepare veggies. Tony, a chef and food consultant in Boston and New York, has a knack for developing simple, healthy recipes that taste good.

In fact, this TV-radio host and a fitness trainer has just published a cookbook, Fresh (Aurora Foods Publishing, 2010), featuring recipes that can be completed in one pot in 10 minutes or less.

Tony’s “Corny Salad” is easy to prepare and lets you take advantage of the closing days of the sweet corn and tomato season. Better yet, it can  double as a soup.

“It’s an easy recipe and fun for anyone,” Tony tells us. “Little clean up, worth every bite. It lends itself well those white Californian wines!” Tony also says the corn salad packs good protein and fiber.

To prepare, boil two ears of fresh corn for four to six minutes, cool under cold water, and remove the kernels from the ear. As you boil the corn, mince half a red onion and place the minced onion in lime juice for five minutes.

Drain the lime juice from the minced onion. Place it and the corn in a bowl and combine them with: a chopped tomato; six sweet cherry tomatoes that have been sliced in half; a third of a cup of Queso Fresco Mexican-style cheese (available in groceries); an avocado that has been sliced and cut into small chunks; 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil; salt and pepper.

Toss well and serve. That’s it — unless you want to turn the Corny Salad into a soup.

“Cook ingredients with the exception of the avocado for 15 to 20 minutes and blend with avocado,” Tony says.” You will scream for more!”

Bon appétit,

Claude S. Weiller
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
California Olive Ranch