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At the Top Our To-Do List: Italian-Style Meatballs with Tomato Ragù

A friend, Karen, recently told us via Facebook: “Made the meatballs. As usual, tasted even better the second day :)” The Italian-style meatballs Karen was referring to are featured below. They come from a fabulous cookbook issued by the good people at Saveur magazine: The New Comfort Food (Chronicle Books, 2011). tomato ragu“There are many ways to make meatballs. This is, hands down, our favorite,” Saveur editor James Oseland writes in the book. The meatballs are bathed in a luscious tomato ragù.  You can serve them with crusty bread or spaghetti. (Click here to see the recipe.)

We’ll opt for spaghetti when we make the meatballs, which are at the top of our own to-do list.

The recipe calls for ground pork shoulder and beef chuck, as well as prosciutto, ricotta, and bacon. The meatballs are first fried in extra virgin olive oil, and then braised in red wine and tomatoes “until they’re succulent and suffused with sauce.” They’re topped with minced parsley and grated Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Given that Karen told us these meatballs taste even better the next day, we’ll plan to make them a day ahead.

The meatballs clearly deserve to be included in any cookbook devoted to comfort food. And if you’re interested in more comfort food recipes, see our February eNewsletter, where we feature dishes including macaroni and cheese and gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.

Bon appétit,

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