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A Tomato Salad that Yields “Pure Heaven” when Served w/ Good Bread

Two food magazines we receive feature tomatoes on this month’s cover. For good reason. Tomatoes are all the rage this time of year among farmers’ market enthusiasts and backyard gardeners. There are countless ways to use good tomatoes – like this fresh tomato salad from cookbook author and TV personality Mary Ann Esposito. It dates from Esposito’s childhood. (Click here to see the recipe.)Tomato SaladEsposito’s father grew tomatoes. When they were coming in, her mother would make this salad and pair it with homemade bread for soaking up the tomato juices. “Pure heaven!” Esposito writes in Ciao Italia Family Classics (St. Martin’s Press, 2011), where this recipe appears.

Esposito uses sliced beefsteak tomatoes. They’re combined with a dressing made from extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar, a little sugar, minced parsley, garlic, and dried oregano. (Click here to see the recipe.) Our Arbequina oil would be a good choice to make the dressing.

Esposito recommends making the salad several hours in advance so it can marinate at room temperature. “Occasionally spoon the dressing over the tomatoes as they sit,” she adds.

Then break out the bread … and prepare for culinary bliss!

By the way, you can find more recipes for tomatoes and other summer vegetables in our August eNewsletter. (Click here to see to the eNewsletter.)

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