We Guarantee You’ll Love Our Olive Oil – Or We’ll Buy You Another Brand!

It’s an exciting time of year here at California Olive Ranch (COR). As I noted in a recent blog post, we’re gearing up to begin our annual harvest in a matter of days. Over the next several weeks, our ranchers, millers, and the rest of our COR team will be focused on making high-quality, delicious extra virgin olive oil. In fact, we’re so confident about the quality of our olive oil that we guarantee you’ll love the taste – and we’re giving people $2 off the price to give it a try. Artois Fresh Olive Oil

For those of your friends and family who aren’t yet part of our extended COR family, this month we’re sharing what we call our Taste Guarantee. To put it simply: “If you try our oil and don’t love it, we’ll buy you another brand.” We’re even offering a $2 off digital coupon to get folks excited to try something new, something fresh, something grown right here in the United States. (Click here to get $2 off digital coupon.)

Read more about our Taste Guarantee program here, and encourage a friend or family member to Take the Challenge! We know they’ll fall in love with the fresh taste – we guarantee it! Taste Guarantee Bannner

Here are other highlights of our Taste Guarantee program:

  • Pinterest contest: We’ll be sharing fan photos of you and your family members enjoying our olive oil. We’ll pick the top five most creative photos, and each winner will win a bottle of our oil!
  • Submit photos to: tasteguarantee@cal-olive.com.
  • Or submit photos via Instagram or Twitter. Use the hashtag #tasteguarantee.

Enjoy, have fun, and good luck!

Consider it a sign of our confidence – and the sincere pride – we take in making delicious California extra virgin olive oil, and sharing it with those we care about: You, our fans!

Bon appétit,

California Olive Ranch Master Miller Bob Singletary




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