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Fresh, great tasting olive oil inspires everything we do at California Olive Ranch.

We believe in making great olive oil and healthy food available to everyone. We’re so passionate about the quality of our olive oil, that we grow and harvest our olives with the same care that California wine makers apply to their grapes. We press our olives within hours of picking to seal in the fresh taste.

We think you should know exactly where the olives in your olive oil come from. Our olive oil is traceable back to the California ranches where our olives are grown. We also believe that you should know how fresh your olive oil is, that’s why every bottle of our olive oil displays the harvest date.

We invite you to taste the difference!

Sustainable Olive Ranches

You should know where your food comes from, who grows it and how it’s grown.

We are proud to be part of a California ranch legacy that dates back 300 years, to when the Spanish brought the first olive trees to California. By combining that time honored agrarian wisdom with the new science of sustainable growing, our ranches are able to produce America’s best tasting olive oil.

We believe that taking care of the earth’s resources is the right thing to do…and it makes better olive oil. Our ranches use resources wisely and extend the water we use through recycling and drip irrigation. We mulch tree trimmings back into the field and allow other farms to use our leftover olive pits.

California olive oil requires less energy for transportation than European imports.

A New American Classic

Our iconic green bottle and label honor our America/California heritage.

We specified green glass to protect the olive oil from light and designed olive shaped finger grips to allow for a perfect pour. Our 100% recyclable bottle has a smooth finish; clean modern lines and simple radius curves which make it a joy to hold.

Our label is inspired by our California ranchers, the beauty of our orchards and the romance of the American west. Our illustration honors the heritage of California fruit crate artwork and portrays our rancher in a heroic pose holding our pristine olive up for all to see.

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Our Olive Oil
Our Olive Oil
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